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Your marketing agency.
How can we help?

At DOTSNINK we are great at solving the marketing problems of your company. We find solutions and ensure that those solutions work.

Let us help you grow!

Things we do really well are:

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization

Hosting & Maintenance




We have been around the marketing block a few times

We are young and online at heart, but old hands at marketing and branding strategy and execution. With a combined experience of over 50 years in marketing, we know what works and we know what is BS. We have worked successfully for companies big and small. Did enormous projects that have won awards. Launched companies, products, and programs. Worked nationally and internationally. Implemented marketing change and made organizations more customer led. But most important of all, we worked with a lot of happy clients!


Doing what is best for our clients.

Goal Oriented

Our team always works with the end in mind. So it could be that we come up with another solution than you asked for. Simply because it doesn´t make sense to put a band-aid on a broken leg.

Integrated Approach

Successful marketing is like directing an orchestra, not just playing one instrument. When looking at your goal and what is keeping you from it, we advise you on solutions that work together to reach your objective.

Stimulating DIY Marketing

We believe in the “Teach a man to fish“ philosophy. We do the things that are too big for our clients to tackle. We happily teach our clients the stuff they can do themselves and support them in the process.

Affordable Rates

Our knowledge is state of the art and we provide solutions fitting your budget. We do believe in equality bases client-agency relationships and don´t believe in such a thing as a free lunch.